Thank you for your interest in choosing the UMS as your future working partner.

We thank you for seeking employment with United Medical Services. With years of expertise and experience in the field of medical business, UMS provides every prospective employee with ample opening in all ranges of medical services that match their qualifications, skill sets and specialties. By providing its employees with career development opportunities through training and development, job satisfaction, a healthy and friendly working environment, market best remuneration and benefit packages, UMS is the first choice employer of candidates seeking medical jobs in Kuwait medical market.

Currently hundreds of medical practitioners from all over the globe work in the different UMS medical facilities from specialty hospitals to medical clinics, from medical labs to medical pharmacies. Employee hard work and business contributions are always immediately spotted and measures are in place to recognize and reward employees whose contributions are critical to business growth and development.

To constantly update employee skills and to acquaint them with the latest technological developments in the field of medical science including the use of latest medical equipment and tools with the cutting edge technical sophistications used for patient treatments, diagnosis and disease detections, the management of UMS leaves no stones unturned to provide the necessary training both in-house and overseas. Investment in people development is considered a capital investment by the Company.

By becoming a UMS employee, you have the unique opportunity and privilege to be part of a team that provides tomorrow healthcare today in an environment where the patients’ comfort and convenience are primary and where patient care and compassion are in abundance.

We hope you will find UMS recruitment process both effective and efficient, and we shall get back to you as soon as we have reviewed your application.

Best Regards

Yousef Al Sarraf

Vice President, Human Resources and Administration.

If you are interrested in joining our group,please attach your updated resume on:
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